28 June 2011

Come on in, the water's great!

Tonight for FHE, we hiked Stewart Falls up near Aspen Grove. It was a super fun hike! Because it's been such a cold year, there is still a glacier up there, with a huge tunnel cut by the water. A few of us decided to have fun and climb down into the freezing water. It was cold, but it was a great time. See the blue speckle of a person in the picture? That's me! And all the white stuff on the side, and the terribly dirty white stuff in the foreground? Glacier. After this picture was taken, I made my way through the tunnel and scrambled up the glacier on the other side. I was cold and soaked, but I had a blast! And I wish I had had more time to play and explore. :) The sun was down by the time we got back, and my shorts didn't do a wonderful job of drying, so I was freezing for the ride home, but some guys in my ward were nice enough to give of their sweatshirts, car heaters, hands, and scare tactics (to get my heart going...? Haha) to help warm me up. Overall it was a great evening. I'm so glad I live in a place where I can get a sunburn and hypothermia in the same day. :D

Shimmy Dean and the Danger Squad

I've been spending a lot of my time lately with a group of friends who formed quickly and have been nigh inseparable ever since. We've dubbed ourselves the Danger Squad, and we've been on many an adventure over the last month and a half. The fun really started around Memorial Day, when we planned a Marathon Of Fun (MOF) that is still going strong. One of the core members of the Danger Squad, Mitchell, has earned the affectionate nickname Shimmy Dean after his childhood resemblance to James Dean and his stunning ability to full-body shimmy. We will soon be producing an album, MOF Forever, by Shimmy Dean and the Danger Squad. And it will be a party. On the rooftop, top of the world. :)

I Shoulda Been a Cow[girl]

A few weeks ago, several of my friends and I went up to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Rodeo. It was SO much fun! Mutton bustin', the cash cow, steer roping, barrel racing, bull riding, milking contests, and rodeo clowns are where it's at. I went to my very first rodeo a few years ago (the Lehi Roundup!) and I've been hooked ever since. There is just something about the chaps and spurs, the twang and the dust that gets me every time, and I just love it. :)

26 June 2011

A lot has happened this summer. It's been eventful and oh-so-fun! At the beginning of this month I went down to California with Jenni, Kimberly, and Sam for our friends' wedding. It was gorgeous! Here we are outside the Temple waiting for the lovely bride and groom to make their grand exit.