02 July 2008

Write You A Song

I'm home! Yay! :) These past few days have been pretty busy, but completely fun (and the teensiest bit depressing). As luck would have it, I actually did have a way fun date this past weekend. My friend Steve asked me, and we doubled with his roommate Dan and my friend (and neighbor) Elisse. We went hiking up past American Fork to a place called Silver Lake (I think?). It was way up in the tops of the mountains, and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! We saw a deer and a moose and a bunch of smaller animals. The views were incredible, and we were high enough up that there was still snow on the other side of the lake. At the top, we all enjoyed a freezing wade in the water, and sat on the rocks by a beasty waterfall. It was tons of fun! When we got back from hiking, we cleaned up and went out to eat at Red Robin (Thought of you, Mathieu, with the bottomless fries and topless drinks). Yum!Other than that, my past few days in Provo were filled with just having fun and visiting with friends who I won't see for the next month and a half. Friday night, I went to Muse Music to hear By The Exit play - three of the four guys (Mika, Steve, and Jordan) are in my ward. They played a good show, and afterwards we all hung out at their apartment. We watched Orange County on their lawn, then Mika and I stayed out til after 3 having fun with window paint and his roommates' cars. ;) Haha, it was hilarious!

Monday and Tuesday were busy with packing and saying my goodbyes. I talked with Kelsey, which was awesome - it was good to catch up. I felt like I hadn't talked to her in forever! My friend Barrett came over and talked for awhile, too. Sarah and Logan came over to pick up some stuff from my apartment, and Jose came to catch up and say goodbye. I was able to hang out with my neighbors quite a bit (Elisse, Hayley, Becky, Rachel, Tammi...Awesome!!), and I went to visit some of my favorite guys in the ward (Mika, Steve, Jordan, Dan, David, Steven, Robby, Andy...Sweeeeet!). On Tuesday afternoon, Mika took me to dinner at a place that sells New York Pizza ("Made by real New Yorkers!") - huge slices, super thin crust, sweet sauce - delicious! It was a great precursor to coming home where the pizza and wings are tops. I'm looking forward to enjoying some yummy Rochester food while I'm home (Country Sweet, anyone? White hots? Salt potatoes? Wegmans?). Anyway, that night I went to a Canada party in honor of Canada Day, then Sarah picked me up around 9. We headed to the airport, she dropped me off, and I was on my way. I was exhuasted, having lost a lot of sleep due to packed days and fun nights. My flight from Salt Lake to Newark was long, but not too bad. I did almost the whole crossword (I only left four squares blank), as well as both Sudoku puzzles. I listened to my iPod, and finally I was able to fall asleep for probably about 45-50 minutes. We finally made it to Newark, then I just chilled there for two hours and listened to my iPod while I waited to board. I watched the first half hour of Finding Nemo on my iPod, but got bored. On my flight to Rochester, I was pretty much out before we even took off. I woke up right when the plane lifted off the ground, I think, but fell back asleep immediately. It was great! I pretty much slept almost that entire flight, so that brought my sleep total for the night to about two hours. Rock on! :)

At the airport, Mom and Mad picked me up. Remington was the only other one home when we got there, and he and Mom left for the Hill. That left me home to watch Mad for the rest of the day. I showered, then came downstairs around noon and promptly fell asleep while Madison watched the Disney Channel. I slept for nearly five hours! I was exhausted! This evening, Mad, Hunter, and I went and picked cherries in our yard. A bowl of sweet cherries, and a bowl of sour cherries. We walked to the library to check out Planet Earth, then I came home and made a cherry pie while we watched an episode. Laura came over and we were able to catch up on life. It was interesting to talk about high school and college and realize that, you know, the more things change the more they remain the same. It's weird...Anyway, it's late, and I've been sleep deprived for far too long. I'd better head to bed. I'm excited for Pageant rehearsals to start on Friday! Anyone who's able to should come see it - shows are July 11, 12, 15-19, and they begin at around 9:15 pm. :)

Love Love Love,