26 May 2008


There's me, sitting on the elephant's trunk. Sweet!
BABY! I love this picture. It's just so fantastic!

And, sitting on the lion drinking fountain. Sweet. They have these same drinking fountains at the zoo in Idaho Falls...

After our picnic, at the This is the Place Monument. Awesome! Check out the beautiful mountains and clouds in the background!

Dinner today. My rolls were so yummy, and the chicken was great! Mmm...

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

So just a quick update on my life... It's been pretty grand lately! For Memorial Day weekend, Melissa and I had grand visions of going down to St. George, but that fell through. Melissa worked in Price all day on Friday, and didn't get home 'til quarter after 8. But she, her brother, and I went to see Indiana Jones that night. I thought it was pretty good, but I had to call a friend today and yell at him because he said that there wasn't any parts that would make me jump - he was wrong! :) But it was still fun.

Friday morning, while Melissa was at work, Sarah and I took a fun trip up to Draper to celebrate IKEA's first birthday! It was great - I love that place! We had so much fun shopping and, as a rule, tried to pronounce the Swedish names of some of the furniture. It was super. :)

On Saturday, Melissa and I decided to take a fun day trip up to Salt Lake to go to the zoo and have a picnic! It was so much fun - we took some awesome pictures, and ate dinner at the "This is the Place" Monument. On our way home, we stopped at IKEA because Melissa had never been. Yeah, that's right, I went to IKEA two times in two days. Amazing! When we got home, we made mint brownies, picked up a friend, and headed over to Melissa's brother's apartment to play Nintendo Wii. We did bowling and boxing and cow-racing and Mario Kart! So fun! We stayed til midnight, dropped off our friend (and stayed outside talking, while he showed us his dinosaur bone, til nearly 1), and came home and talked til 3 am. That was all fun and stuff, but then I had a beasty meeting at 8 this morning. Haha, needless to say, I was a little exhausted, but church was great and I was able to take a nice long nap when I got home. This evening, Melissa and I made dinner and had a friend come over and enjoy it with us. I made yummy rolls and salad - awesome - and Melissa made potatoes and chicken. :) I made sure to take a picture of our sweet meal.

Anyway, that's what's new and exciting in my life. Tomorrow Melissa and I are going to try to drive down to Zion National Park for a fun little day trip. Should be a blast!

Well, I tried to upload some pictures, but it's not working for me right now...Maybe I'll try it in a separate post...

19 May 2008

Banana Pancakes

So, I figured since I'm about four months overdue for an update, I might as well post a little something. Life has been really fantastic lately - my earrings even say so:Well, they're not actually MY earrings, but my AWESOME roommate Melissa was kind enough to let me borrow them. Sweet.

So anyway...my life has been great! Winter semester was probably one of my funnest semesters at BYU. It wasn't my greatest semester school-wise, but I had a blast anyhow. We went down to St. George in February for President's Day weekend. It was great to see Grandma and Grandpa, Zach and Kate, and William. I love my family!

In more recent news, at the end of the semester I moved into a new apartment. I'm still in the same complex, but I moved three doors down so I could stay in the same ward. It's awesome! Melissa, who lived with me last spring, is my roommate again. We are living with Amy (who moved into this apartment in January) and one of her mission companions, Stacie. It's a lot of fun! I have awesome roommates, and we have fun all the time!

I've had a lot of time to do fun things lately. Baking, cooking, quilting, and visiting friends are among my favorite things to do. Melissa and I are out almost every night being friends with different people - it's great! We like to go swinging at the park, too. That's always a blast!

On Saturday morning, we had a Stake Activity. We hiked up at Rock Canyon. It was a nice, warm day, and I got a lot of sun! Yesterday, at church, we had the Area Authority Seventy over BYU come to our Sacrament Meeting and speak. He spoke about several "key indicators" we can strive for in our lives. He also talked about increasing our capacity to love others, and the connection between love and correction. It was great! For Sunday FHE yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving by having a potluck feast. I made some rolls, which got rave reviews! It was a lot of fun, and great to spend some time with people in the ward. We also watched Amazing Grace with some friends in the ward - it was a great movie!

Tonight for FHE, we are going to Bishop's house and going street bowling. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to it. We're combining with another FHE group, too, so hopefully I'll be able to make some new friends. I love new friends!

Anyway, I'd better stop babbling. I'll post again soon - That's a promise! Hopefully I'll have some interesting and exciting things to write about. And maybe some sweet pictures, too. That's always fun.

Have a fantastic day!