27 April 2011

Things like this make me so happy.

23 April 2011


This stared at me as I ate dinner this evening... I may or may not have nightmares tonight.

13 April 2011

Technology rocks!

I Skyped home last night. And I was able to "be there" for family prayer, which was wonderful!! But the remainder of my time on Skype was spent making faces at my brothers and sisters while talking to them. I love technology!

...I also love early nights with good friends! :D

I love late nights with great friends! :D

My awesome roommate Shelli decided to do a project last week (and maybe we were prancing around the apartment like it was a Saturday afternoon during this project, when in reality it was after 1 in the morning on a weeknight). She spray-painted this brown frame with white spray-paint... Just goes to show that life NEVER goes quite like you planned, but the end result is often better than you may have ever dreamed. :)

06 April 2011


My 100th post had to be dedicated to some of my favorite people ever. These four little darlings never fail to bring a smile to my face! Do you see L, the handsome little boy on the left, and K, the beautiful girl in the striped shirt? I'm going to visit them for Easter! I bought my tickets yesterday, and I cannot wait!! Seattle, here I come!


Do you ever have days when you just want to punch somebody in the face? I'm trying really hard to not let today be one of those days...

The picture? From when K and I popcorned S's desk. Happy April, foo!

(No, the picture and my resisting wanting to punch someone are in no way related.)

04 April 2011

Also made these today. Boom!

Look at the cutesy satin flower hair clips I made with HT today! Aren't they darling? I feel so crafty and creative. :)

03 April 2011

But at least it's pretty!! :D

Must be Conference time...

Yesterday it was 75 degrees in Provo. Today, this. Happy General Conference weekend!