30 May 2011


It's been raining like crazy for the past two weeks in Provo! The river is super high, and the lake too (an entire parking lot was underwater when we went boating last week). This afternoon it was coming down pretty hard, and we took a walk to visit some friends. Inevitably, we had to ford a few streams that sprung up, but we did it in style! (And our toes froze in the process... No biggie!)


It has been a very eventful weekend! Friday we went to visit our friend Bobby's ducks. He had cute little ducklings which we got to hold, as well as some more grown-up ducks. Quackers is blind, Stand-Up Duck is mute (but has impeccable posture!), and MegaDuck can't walk very well. He also has Mini Stand-Up Duck (aka Lazarus Duck) that he saved from death. Pretty incredible!

24 May 2011

EPIC Greatness

Today is wonderful for two reasons. One, my little brother turned 21!! I can't believe he's so old. And serving the Lord on mission in Brazil. Love it, and love him!

Also, I got THE job! The one that felt so right. I'm so excited. Terrified a bit, too, but oh so happy! :D

22 May 2011

I LOVE SUMMERTIME! I just wish it would be warm and sunny for more than a few hours a week... But yesterday I made sure to put those sunny hours to good use!

07 May 2011

Sisters are we. Friends we'll be.
Life can be a little rough sometimes...


Isn't it about... time?