18 December 2009

Guys, I'm finally feeling like I can do this. It's refreshing how much a breath and a step away can really change your perspective on things. [Where, in this case, "breath" refers to Christmas break with NO school, "step away" is a 2,000-mile plane trip to New York, and "things" is whether or not I'm going to fail out of college]...

Sometimes, it's so good to know that your hard work can pay off. I want to remember this feeling come March when I will, undoubtedly, have an unebbing desire to quit school, burn my books, and run away to Iowa or wherever.

13 December 2009

PS - For updates, pictures, and emails from Jonathan in Brazil, check out elderjonsteele.blogspot.com...
I have to admit that despite all my complaints about the freezing cold and driving in the snow... I absolutely LOVE how everything glows at night when it's snowing. That's all. :)

Merry [almost-] Christmas, everyone!