14 September 2010


Do you ever dread going to sleep because you know you have to wake up and face a day you're not quite prepared for? I get that way, sometimes. Quite frequently, recently. For the most part, it bites. But at least I'm getting some quality time grading and preparing lessons and blogging. Right?

Life's been busy lately. But what else is new? I've come to accept the fact that my life will probably always be busy. And if it's not, Heaven help me! I thrive under pressure. I find some sick, twisted joy in pushing my limits, testing my strength. Making last-second deadlines is my lifeblood. Go figure!

A few weeks ago for FHE we hiked up Rock Canyon a bit. The sun was setting, which made for some spectacular views. And, of course, my eyes were rockin' in that light. I climbed up some rocks to catch the last of some bright rays, and Jenni snapped the following:

And... My darling sister Elizabeth sent me what has quickly become my new favorite t-shirt. She was quite cryptic about what it was, telling me only that something was going to arrive in the mail for me, it was olive green, and I would love it. She was correct on all counts! Isn't it just wonderful??!

As you can see in the picture, I shod myself in my olive green Chucks and totally rocked out. Yes, that is my own foot... My roommates say it looks like I'm holding someone else's foot up, but it's not true. Anyway...isn't the shirt just perfect? I love Love LOVE it! I may have started dancing around the kitchen when I opened it. :D It's got formulas and figures from geometry, algebra, calculus, and who knows what all! Truth be told, I don't recognize all of them. But that's what Wikipedia is for, right?

...I just realized that I look slightly crazed in both of the above pictures. Things happen. Don't judge me.

I need more sleep. But, frankly, I don't want tomorrow to come. Where's the pause button?

07 September 2010


Is it bad that some of the emails/comments I receive from my students make me want to go punch the math lab TAs in the gut?

Answer: Probably yes.

Second answer: I don't care.

Wake me up when September ends?

I can't believe it's September. And a week in, to boot! Are you kidding me!? When did that happen? Shoot... When did it even become 2010? Time is a funny thing, sometimes....

Do you guys realize what last Thursday was? 9/02/10. I know, right? Pretty awesome! My roommates and I set fake goals at the beginning of the year to get married in Beverly Hills on 9/02/10. That failed miserably. But even so, we had high hopes of hosting a small [but wonderful] Beverly Hills party that night. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, either. With the start of school and about 17.35 million different things going on that night [I had class, and Relief-Society-activity-formerly-known-as-Enrichment, and an open invitation to go salsa dancing (That...didn't happen. And might not ever. We'll see.), and, most importantly, Dad and Remington were in town on their way to Idaho!], the pressing need for a rockin' party quickly ebbed and that idea was moved to the back burner [and then off the stove completely].

I went to the football game on Saturday. We won 23-17. It was an exciting game, and a good way to start the season, I thought.  I have seats with Kelly, Jeramy, and Owen. There were a few people in the seats directly behind us who were Huskies fans, and they weren't quiet about it. Not that they were obnoxious or annoying at all, they just had team pride. I thought it was great! There were two small boys sitting in front of us, and the one kept turning around and looking so concerned that there were Huskies fans in the BYU seating. Kelly and I were cracking up...

And... We had our 3rd Annual Labor Day Breakfast at the Honey Shaq this morning. It was great! We had eggs and pancakes and fruit and sausage and french toast and bacon and more bacon and even more bacon. There were about 25 people total [give or take], and I think [I hope!] everyone had a good time. Though our apartment STILL smells like bacon. I wonder how long it'll take to get rid of the stank...

This evening, I accidentally signaled some creeper guys to follow me when I was on my way to Zac and Sarah's place. It was kind of creepy. [Just kidding... It was REALLY creepy!] They were stopped next to me at a light, and I could tell they were looking at me but I didn't pay them any attention otherwise. When the light turned green, I pulled ahead. They caught up with me and were driving right next to me for a little ways, then sped up and pulled in front of me. They didn't have their lights on, so I flashed my lights at them. I then realized I needed to turn, so I put my blinker on. As soon as I did that, they braked. I turned the corner, drove a little ways to Z&S's place, and parked on the street. I could see a car in my rearview turning onto the street, so I turned off the car, and turned off my dome light. The car drove past [It was totally them! I was creeped out!] and braked a few hundred feet after passing my car. I hopped out and ran to Z&S's door and let myself in [and, apparently, locked their door behind me out of both habit and fear?]. Nothing happened after that, but I was sufficiently creeped out. In hindsight, I probably should have pulled into their parking lot and drove around the building before parking, but I wasn't thinking straight. Oops? At least there was no harm done, right?