02 October 2011

After General Conference this afternoon, my roommate and I sat down and had fun making silly apartment decorations. Haha. It was enjoyable! I'm so happy the fall holiday season has begun! :)

Happy October!!

Crazy that it's October already!! I'm excited for the Fall holiday season though. :) This evening as I was preparing a pasta salad for our General Conference potluck lunch tomorrow, I had a stroke of Halloween genius and made this little guy from my bell pepper. He only lasted long enough for a picture, but I sure liked him while he was around. Haha.

BYU Football

I love BYU football games. :) One of the reasons I was thrilled to be staying in Utah post-graduation was because I would still get to attend the home football games. Friday night did not disappoint. I went to the game with my brother and my smokin' hot boyfriend, Brandon. The game was exciting at the end when we finally took the lead with 11 seconds remaining. I was stoked! A few people tried rushing the field, but I didn't feel the need. Overall, a great night and an exhilarating win! :)