17 July 2011

Went here this weekend and had a rockin' time!! Camping and boating and relaxing and loving life! :)

16 July 2011

I love my friends. So much. :)

I love to see the Temple...

Isn't it gorgeous? Jenni and Megan and I have been traveling to other Temples while Provo is closed for cleaning. Last week we went to Mt. Timpanogos. This week to Oquirrh Mountain. Next week? Probably Draper. I just love the Temple. :)

12 July 2011

Just a few of the reasons why I love Las Vegas...

08 July 2011

Weekend Runaway

This weekend I'm running away to Vegas. (Yes, this photo was taken on the Strip last year (Because I like to 'Take it to the Max!' (Name that movie!))). And I'm terribly excited about it! My cousins are super rad. And it'll be a nice break from stresses in Provo.

07 July 2011

Drip, drip, drop, little July showers...

The rare summer thunderstorm in Provo is always a delight. Enjoying it outside with friends donning goggles, and dancing along to "It's Raining Men"? Even better. :)

05 July 2011

Happy Birthday, United States!

I love Independence Day in Provo. This weekend was filled with friends, fun, food, and fireworks!! Seriously one of the best celebrations I've had in a long time. :)

02 July 2011

BALLOONS!! :D It's only Saturday morning, and already it's been a stellar weekend!

01 July 2011

HCP For Life!

Today I am missing this. Long days, heat and humidity, hours of rehearsal on burning fiberglass grates, lack of sleep, bad hair, sunburns, mosquitoes, and setting up and washing 7 or 8 thousand chairs. I am missing making new (and BEST) friends, strengthening my testimony of my Savior and of the Book of Mormon, sharing my joy with others, living in a Zion community, growing, laughing, loving, and getting a killer lanyard and Teva tan. All in the name of inviting others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through faith in Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism by immersion, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

If you are anywhere in or near the Palmyra, NY area between July 7th and 16th, I invite you to come feel the excitement of the Hill Cumorah Pageant!