08 December 2011

It's Christmas time!

I'll be home for Christmas in less than two weeks!! :) I just love this time of year. I've been enjoying the Christmas decorations Megan and I put up. Our tree is super rad.

Other items of note: I'm dating a super awesome guy. He treats me like a queen. He's wonderful. He's the nicest guy ever. He's got a testimony of the Gospel and of His Savior. He loves the Temple, and cycling, and me. And he makes me so happy! :) And we're pretty cute together...

Teaching is going well, though it is exhausting. I feel overwhelmed quite frequently, but it's beginning to be more rewarding. I love the faculty and the support I have there. It's a great school to be at, and I truly am blessed. :) Here's a picture my students drew of me and Brandon:

Over Thanksgiving, I went up to Idaho to spend time with my 2D1s (that's second cousins once removed, for those who aren't in the know :P). We had a super rad time. We laughed, we played, we shopped, we ate, we laughed some more... It was a great vacation! I love family. :)

And... here's a lovely picture of Rosemary, Megan, and myself at the last home football game this season. Cold, but fun! Go Cougars!

And, lastly, Megan and I have recently become hooked on Once Upon a Time. Cute show! All whimsical and stuff... And now that we've spent way too much time watching it, I need to get back to grading. Peace and blessings, peace and blessings...