25 June 2008

Square One

So, you know...I go home in less than a week. How weird. How bittersweet. Melissa left this afternoon, and that was more depressing than I thought it'd be. I won't see her until the middle of August when I get back to Provo...

Anyhow, I'm super excited to see my family! It's been so long, almost six months, since I've seen them. It'll be hard to leave Provo though. I find that I call Provo "home" more and more often these days. And though it'll never be my true home, it's weird to think that I do live here for about 10 months of every year. And I've got tons of great friends here. Sometimes I wish I could take all of the good things about Provo and all of the good things about New York and just mesh them together to create my own perfect world. Because, you know, that's what it would be - perfect. All my friends and family in one place, and we'd all have the time of our lives! That'd be sweet.

Wow, I'm rambling. Anyway, on a [brief] brighter note, I was a Y-Group Leader for New Student Orientation this past weekend, and it was so fantastic! I really appreciated the opportunity I had to make friends with some of the new students, and to help them to love BYU as much as I do. I loved being able to show them what it's all about, and I'm especially glad I had no problem totally rocking out in front of them. It was great! I was able to let loose and show my true colors, and I had a blast!

Well, I just wanted to give a quick update on what I've been thinking/doing the past few days. I'll be sure to let y'all know how my last weekend in Provo goes. Maybe I'll get a hott hott date. Bahaha....

17 June 2008

You're the Devil in Disguise

Just a brief addendum to my earlier post [as if I didn't already write up a whole novel and a half...]. I just wanted to share with you three things about tonight that made me happy:

For FHE, we played four-square. Despite having never really played it before, I made it to the first square - yeah, that means I was the queen of the game [even if it only lasted one round]. Sweet.

I appropriately used a semi-colon. I felt so awesome! Who even cares that it was just in talking to my sister in facebook chat?! I mean, how often do people use semi-colons? It was pretty great.

I officially came to the big fatty realization that life was a little bit better back when I thought boys had cooties. Now, they're just too much of a hassle, too much of a distraction. And yet, there's always at least one that gets me every time. Lame. Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame.

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Happy Birthday, Hunter! Little buddy, I can't believe you're already 12 years old! You had only just turned 9 when I left to come to BYU. I love your spunk and your sense of humor. You are a really awesome guy, and I'm proud to call you my little brother! I hope you're as excited to see me in a few weeks as I am to see you. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with you this summer when I'm home! Stay cool, kid. You're awesome and I love you!

Happy [Late] Father's Day!

Dad. You're a pretty cool guy! Thanks for all you do for me. I'm grateful for the memories I have with you. Thanks for pushing me to be my best in all that I do. Thanks for supporting me in my school work and for providing me with valuable advice about life [Look, I'm 21 and not even close to being married! You don't have to disown me!]. Thanks for adding an irreplaceable dose of spontaneity, character, and hilarity in my life. You're a really great dad, and I'm so grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for me. Stay awesome! Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks!

A Hard Day's Night

Hi friends! How's life? What's new and exciting? As for me, I fly home in 15 days! I'm pretty stoked about that. I get to see my totally rad family, and I get to once again participate in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Rock on! I'm excited to spend time with my awesome siblings who I hardly ever see anymore and to enjoy the blasted heat and humidity of an Upstate New York summer.

Life lately has been, you know, alright. I guess nothing TOO exciting has happened. About a week and a half ago, Melissa and I made sugar cookies in the shape of dinosaurs! [Thanks, Matt and Erin, for those fun cookie cutters!] We decorated them all cutesy, and it was a lot of fun, if not completely dorky.

Last week I went on a fun date. My roommates and I decided we needed to go on a roommate date, so we roped our neighbor Becky into joining us and we all asked guys out. We were going to go to the lake and have a bonfire and make s'mores. However, the weather turned cold and windy that evening, so we stayed at our apartment. We made s'mores and roasted Starburst over our gas stove. Then we played some fun games and enjoyed each other's company. We played Nurtz, and my date and I totally rocked it - we beat everyone! It was great!

So, there are a couple new guys in my ward who are in a band called By The Exit. On Wednesday, they were in a local Battle of the Bands. Melissa, my neighbor Elisse, some guys in the ward, and I went to support them, and it was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, they didn't win, but we still had a lot of fun and enjoyed their music. It was really a blast to get out and do something I don't normally have the opportunity to do.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to watch Logan while Sarah was in class and Zac went to see a movie. He's getting so big now - I can't believe he'll be 1 on Saturday! He can now clap, wave, and point on command. And, of course, he loves me so he smiles every time he sees me. We'll play games and he just cracks up at some of the things I do! I love it. It sort of validates my, uh, craziness...

Saturday was a lot of fun, too! I had Y-Group Leader Training all morning, and I was running on 4.5 hours of sleep, so that was fun but seemed to drag on forever. You know, getting up at 6:30 on a Saturday is not something I find completely ideal. Haha. That afternoon, my friend Erica called me up and we went over to Rock Canyon Park to another friend's ward activity - a giant slip 'n' slide! It was a lot of fun! I only went down a few times, but it was refreshing on the hot afternoon. That evening, Melissa and I went to a Kalai concert with some guys in my ward. I had a spectacular time! It was awesome!

Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, the speakers finished up a little early. I knew when the third speaker was about halfway through her talk that she would finish early...Yeah, so when that happens, Bishop gets up and calls people up to bear their testimonies and say a few words. I knew, before the talk was even over, that Bishop would stand up and call me up. I just knew it. Funny, since the talks were about faith in following the Spirit. Haha, how ironic. But, yeah, sure enough Bishop got up and called me up. I was grateful that it was Father's Day so quite a few people were out of town. But it was cool - in hindsight, I'm grateful for that opportunity.

Anyway, that's all that I have for now. I've been busy with work and just having the time of my life every day! I'll be sure to post pictures and give new updates on my life soon!

03 June 2008

Things That Rock My World...

So, the title of this post is Things That Rock My World, and that is exactly what I'm going to write about. Because, let's be honest here, I kind of have a great life and sometimes it's nice to acknowledge a few of the things that make it so great. The following is a list of things I've been grateful for lately:

Due to a great comment my roommate made last week, I've had a beasty craving for milk the past few days. Now, just to give you a picture of the relationship I've had with milk in the past: I normally buy a half gallon of milk (the one with the latest expiration date, mind you) and struggle to use even 3/4 of it by the time it goes bad. However, some friends of our ALWAYS have milk at their apartment, and it ALWAYS looks so good. So, on Saturday, we went to the creamery and I bought a whole gallon of delicious creamery milk. Don't even worry about how I have less than 1/3 of a gallon left of that milk after 2 days. I think I've drunk more milk these past two days than I have for the past year. Yum!

Today after FHE, there was a HUGE rainbow that arched over the whole sky and came down right in front of Y-Mountain. It was GORGEOUS and I LOVED it! Simply beautiful.

Washing Machines
Yes, we have a washing machine and a dryer in our apartment. Yes, I love the ability to do laundry any time I want. In fact, I did three loads today. It kind of made my life.

Comfy Shorts
On Saturday, Melissa and I went to Target. I found an awesome pair of black sweat shorts. I got home and put them on and they were pretty much the most comfortable thing ever. I decided this morning that I should probably take them off finally (Okay, I didn't wear them that WHOLE time, but I did put them on whenever I was relaxing. It was great!), and Sarah and Elizabeth and I went to Target this afternoon so I could buy two more pair: a gray pair and a pink pair. Rock on!

Pushing the Cart
When we went shopping this afternoon, I got to push the cart. That is, in fact, one of my favorite parts of shopping. LOVE IT!

So, on Saturday, we finally got a TV courtesy of Stacie's grandpa. It's old and beasty and awesome. Yesterday, Melissa and I hooked up her DVD/VCR Player and the Nintendo. Yeah, like, old school Nintendo NES. Rock on! We played Super Mario Bros. all afternoon. I pretty much suck at it, and it's fantastic! Check it out:

Sleep-talking is hilarious. Especially when you're not the one doing it. Especially when it's one of your good guy friends who is sleeping on the couch and may or may not say, "Hey! You don't have all the qualifications to be a dinosaur!" Hilarious.

I love being domestic. It's so great! On Saturday, I made three pies. That's right. Three. One raspberry cream, one peach, and one apple (with a lattice top, of course). They were delicious. Also, on Saturday, Melissa and I went to her old apartment to visit with friends and make earrings. So, I made some pretty nifty ones. I like them. Check out all my domestic skills in the pictures:
Borderline Maternity Shirts
On Sunday, I was having a ridiculous fat day. So, I wore a borderline maternity shirt to be comfortable. Don't even worry about how numerous different people at church told me they loved my shirt and they thought it was so cute. Rock on! There's nothing so great as compliments on fat days.

Good Hair Days
More often than not, I have bad or so-so hair days. You know. Nothing special. Sunday, I had a great hair day. Also, my hair is getting so long. I love it! Check it:
Right on, friend. Right on.

Big Windows and Mountains
I'm sure I've said this before, but my apartment is awesome, and I absolutely love the view of the mountains from our beautiful big windows. In fact, I even changed the orientation of my bed, so now my head is right next to the window. When I wake up, the very first thing I see is the mountains and I LOVE IT! Yesterday, I woke up at 5:34 in the morning to see a beautiful sliver of a silver crescent moon hovering right above a dip in the mountain peaks. It was gorgeous.

IKEA Pillows
I have recently acquired four green throw pillows from IKEA. They reside in our living room, and they are great.
We have a pet fish. His name is Manfred. He's kind of great - he's a blue betta fish, and he eats a beasty lot of fish food.
Anyway, that's about all I have for now. My life is FANTASTIC! Don't be too jealous. :) But really, let's face it, I've got so many things that rock my world right now, I can understand if you're a little bit jealous. Haha. Have a super duper day!