26 March 2011

Escaping Provo

Cabining/Hiking in the snow in Southern Utah!! So much fun!! :)

24 March 2011

Bring on the HEAT, baby!

This picture is from a sunny Sunday walk two weeks ago. :)

It's Spring! And while it's been rather drizzly and grey here, the Springtime newness and excitement are beginning to inch their way into my thoughts. Memories of warmer times are coming back to me, and I'm getting super excited for sunshine and picnics and late nights and Summer and freedom and flowers and road trips and... Yeah. It'll be a good summer!

Also, I pretty much love being able to post from my phone. That's all.

23 March 2011


I've got some projects to finish up and some reading to do and about a million hours of sleep to catch up on... And I've spent the last 20 minutes figuring out how to post from my new phone. Awesome! Expect to be hearing from me slightly more often with fun pictures from my phone! Haha. :)

This one is from Sunday afternoon. I drove a friend up to Tremonton, and fell in love with a cute dinosaur up there. I was sick of driving and had to stretch my legs and there happened to be an awesome dinosaur chilling there for Kimberly's and my enjoyment!

12 March 2011

Sometimes, I think I'm afraid to be happy. Like, I feel like if I'm too content, something is bound to go wrong, so I just don't want to let myself get too happy. I get scared. Anyone else ever feel this way? How do you overcome it?

02 March 2011


I crossed off 11 items from my To Do list today. 11! Those were all substantial things that needed to be done, too. I feel so productive. :)

And, I plan to cross off another one before I head to bed tonight. Or at least make good progress toward crossing it off.

Also, today was gorgeous. Sunny and warm and beautiful. I had to take off my sweatshirt because I was roasting in it! That's the kind of weather I like to see. Hopefully it means this month will follow a nice little "In like a lamb, out like an even awesomer lamb..." pattern. I'd enjoy that. Heh heh heh.

March is shaping up to be a much nicer month than I'd anticipated. Normally I hate it because it's the longest month known to man, but if this productivity and super weather keeps up, my feelings just might be swayed. Also, I'll be home in 3 days. So that makes things better, too. :)

01 March 2011


Another month has come and gone... March brings the promise of new and exciting experiences, but before I dive into those I'd like to reflect a little on the lessons I've learned in February. Following in the footsteps of my bomb sister-in-law Sarah, and to commemorate the shortest month of the year, my list will include 28 items. Some are funny, some are serious... Bring it on!

Let it be known to the world that, in February 2011, I learned:
1) Apparently the phrase "too much on my plate" means nothing to me, because I just keep piling on the activities and the responsibility.
2) I'm a Bingo champion.
3) Spending Valentine's Day with girlfriends, laughing hysterically and freaking ourselves out, might perhaps be the best way to spend such an awesome holiday.
4) Gentlemen DO exist!
5) Combining perfectly situated duplexes, weird neighbors who fail to close their kitchen blinds, and laser pointers can provide some serious entertainment on late nights.
6) "Lower your expectations!" is a perfectly acceptable takeaway for Sunday School dating lessons.
7) Twisting and pinning my hair is perfect for mornings when I'm exhausted and running late but still want to look like I put some effort into making myself look like a person.
8) Dreams can be intense little buggers that sometimes won't leave you alone even after you're awake (or even after two weeks...).
9) My confidence in my writing ability has reached an all-time low, while feelings that I'm perpetually disappointing my entire graduate committee have skyrocketed. Thank you, graduate school...
10) You should never interrupt Julian Smith when he's readin' a book.
11) My "love life will be happy and harmonious."
12) Creepy crawly crawlspaces are pretty rad.
13) It's amazing how easy it is to fall back into comfortable patterns ("just like the old times") with true friends who you haven't seen in awhile.
14) I can drive a snowmobile!
15) ...but I can't drive a shopping cart.
16) Sometimes calling 911 isn't the most reasonable course of action.
17) I'm cute when I'm tired.
18) Baking and frosting sugar cookies is still one of my favorite activities.
19) I pretty much stink at operating fancy-pants cell phones... [But I still kind of want one. Figures.]
20) Library carrels provide the necessary seclusion from the world when being in my office gets too distracting - I need to remember this more often!
21) Nyquil makes me do funny things.
22) Along with inspiring the nightwear of Superman and adorning the walls of Chuck Norris' home, Jimmer can prove a limit without even being given an epsilon.
23) While I typically have an immune system of Steele (heh heh heh...), sometimes a chest cold of doom can descend and ensnare me in its nasty clutches, reducing me from feeling slightly under the weather to a crippled, sobbing ball on the couch in a matter of about three hours.
24) Priesthood blessings heal, both inside and out.
25) Despite a lack of practice, I can still parallel park my car.
26) Grading may perhaps be the bane of my existence, but using a pink pen sure helps ease some of the pain.
27) Magic tricks are mesmerizing.
28) I'm related to some of the funniest people on earth...

And with that, I need to get some sleep and try to start this next month off on the right foot. Happy New Month, everyone!