27 March 2009

Dancing Through Life

So...I'm going to grad school this fall! :) Another two-ish years at BYU. I'm pretty stoked about it! I got the official decision email on Monday, and my letter came in the mail today. So it's for real, 100% legit. Awesome.

Other big things that are going on:

-I graduate in less than a month! And Mommy's coming out here for it. :)

-I was able to go the Draper Temple dedication this past Sunday afternoon. It was such an awesome experience that made me so grateful for how I've been blessed in my life. :)

-Teaching is going FANTASTICALLY! I've been teaching 5 classes a day for two weeks, since Tara had her sweet daughter, Lydia. It's been a lot of fun. A little tiring, but SO worth it. :) I'm really going to miss all my students when this is over...

-Last night, I dragged my roommate Bethany with me down to Spanish Fork to watch some of my students in the SFJHS Musical, Putting it Together. It was a riot - I loved seeing some of my students out of the classroom and totally in their element as they danced and sang their hearts out. :)

-I went on a blind date tonight. My friend Jake set me up with one of his friends from home. [Turns out he's in Elizabeth's ward and her FHE group [And he said you never go to FHE, Wiz...You'd better start! FHE is rad!]] We went to a concert in Provo, and it was lots of fun! :)

Man, life is good. And...I'm going to be dead tired tomorrow - I'd better get some rest. LOVE Y'ALL!

08 March 2009

Head Over Feet

Is it a bad thing if I'm feeling frustrated and unproductive and scared and stressed and tired and unsettled...and I'm going to blame it all on Daylight Savings? Because the last thing I need right now is to feel guilty for letting myself get to this point...

03 March 2009

If I Ain't Got You

So, I have officially applied to the Math Ed Master's program at BYU. The application was due on Sunday, but I buckled down last week and finished it late Thursday night [Thanks Sarah for the support and help! :) I love you!]. After I'd submitted it, I got an email asking that I fill out a survey about my online application experience. One question asked about my reasons for pursuing a Master's. I was allowed to select as many of the given answers as I wanted, as well as write in an answer for "Other." Well, I decided to be quite honest and write in "I'm still single..." [I did select a few of the other options as well, like "desire to be in academia" and "personal motivation or goal"]. Then, two questions later, it asked why I chose to apply to BYU. I selected a few of the options ["social atmosphere," "religious atmosphere"], and again wrote in "I'm still single..." Haha! Sarah and I laughed about that for quite a bit.

Anyway, I don't know when I'll be hearing back about that, but I'll keep you all posted. Now that I've applied, I know that I'll either get in or not - I'm not sure which is scarier!

In other news, today (3/3/09) is Square Root Day! [Get it? 3 times 3 is 9... Heh heh heh...] That only happens 9 days every century! I think that's pretty sweet. And next week is Pi Day [3.14] - We'll be celebrating in the Jr. High by eating pie. Awesome! AND, now that it's March, I can say that I graduate [and turn the big 22 (Ooh, a palindrome number!)] NEXT MONTH! Yikes!

Currently, I'm reading The Grapes of Wrath. I've found that I've forgotten a lot of the details since I read it in high school.

Today I went to the temple with Elizabeth. A ward group came in with family file names RIGHT before we were going to go into the font room, so we had to wait quite awhile... But it was worth it. We were still in and out in a little over two hours.

And, as if this post isn't random enough, here are some awesome pictures from the last month or two...

This AWESOME picture is of my AWESOME friends Jeramy, Mike, and Owen. Yes, they are testing out gliders at Babies R Us. And, yes, they are loving it. They went baby shower shopping with me, and I think they enjoyed it even more than I did [before this trip, I didn't think that was possible...].

And, this is a picture of Melissa, Yuka, and I on the night that Yuka left to head home to Japan. It was so much fun to have her come visit us, and we sure miss her. She definitely keeps things hilarious.
Another shot of Melissa, Yuka, and I beore Yuka left. We were supposed to do funny faces, but I decided to pull a "precious face" instead. Heh heh heh.
Ooh, here's a good one! This is my friend Andrew [donning a lovely flowered apron - Thanks mom!] piping white chocolate onto the Oreo truffles we made. He'll probably kill me if he finds out I posted this picture online.
And, lastly, just a picture of me. And our turtle Dimitri in the background. He's a pretty good turtle. We're excited for the warm weather - we're going to take him on walks outside!