12 April 2009


HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mathieu! [You're a whole quarter of a century old - Yikes!] I have had a pretty amazing week. And my weekend has only been the cherry on top of the cake!

General Conference last weekend was amazing! Elizabeth and I had the awesome opportunity of going up and being in the Conference Center for the Sunday morning session. AND, I accidentally got rockstar parking underneath the Church Office Building right across the street from the Conference Center. I love General Conference - I feel so blessed to be a member of this wonderful Church, to be able to feel of my Heavenly Father's love for me, and to hear the message of hope that the Gospel brings. :)

On Monday evening, we played Mad Gab for FHE. That game is so fun, and we were all cracking up by the end.

On Tuesday and Friday, my teacher was out of the classroom all day [Tuesday she was away at a conference; Friday she was called, right as first period was starting, to be an emergency sub for the Spanish teacher], so I got to teach every period except 2nd and 3rd, when Tara taught. It was a lot of fun! I really do love teaching!

Tuesday evening, I got to go help move a friend, Mary, into a new apartment. A few other members of Response [the service program I volunteer with] were there, and I brought my friend Spencer along to help out, too. It was really a lot of fun! I really do enjoy getting out into the Provo community and remembering that there's a world out there other than campus. Ha!

Wednesday was a long day, but still pretty awesome. I stayed up really late Tuesday evening [read: 4 am] finishing what turned out to be a 37-page Teacher Work Sample. Needless to say, I grabbed a Dr. Pepper for breakfast that morning. BUT, I got to turn in the TWS right after school, and I went to an accreditation meeting for the Teacher Education programs at BYU, and I stopped by to see Mike at the library, and I went to a first-year teacher information meeting, and it was just a generally great productive day!

I don't remember much of Thursday. I vaguely remember having a headache from exhaustion. But I'm sure it was a great day. :) OH, I picked up Sarah from class that evening and went to her place to play with Logan while she helped me finish my taxes. That's right. Thanks Sarah! I love you!! :)

On Friday evening, I went to the BYU Combined Choirs and Philharmonic Orchestra concert with Mike and Joel. Umm...It was AWESOME! Every piece they performed was phenomenal, and I was blown away. AND, Elder Oaks was there. AND, we stayed afterward waiting for Mike's sister, Alison, to get out and ended up being there when Elder Oaks left. AND, we got to shake his hand [Joel actually hugged him :)]. It was pretty awesome. That night, I got to ride in Pearl [Mike's car] for the first time, and I got to stay up talking to Mike and Owen for a good long while. I love those boys. :)

Yesterday, we had a Response reflection meeting at my place. We got to watch a sweet slideshow of some of the service projects we did this year. And then David, Andrew, Melissa (a neighbor) and I all went and volunteered at a Princess Party! It was so much fun - we got to dress up and address each other as Prince and Princess and everything. One of the little girls there asked David if he was a real prince. He said he was, and asked her if she was a real princess. She thought for a second and said, "Well, yes. I am a real princess, but in real life I actually don't live in royalty." It was cute. When David left, she asked me if I was a real princess. Of course I said yes!

Last night I got to go shopping with Wiz, and then I read part of a book called Princess Academy [what else? Ha!]. Then I got to sleep nice and early, and had a great night's rest!

Today was awesome, as well. Church was great - Our bishop was able to stand up and talk to us in Sacrament meeting and in Relief Society. I really appreciate his inspired words and his leadership in our ward.

This afternoon, we went over to Zac and Sarah's place for a great Easter dinner! It was so nice to spend time with family, and to see Logan, and to eat Sarah's delicious food.

This evening, I went over to Tara's place and we made and frosted math-shaped sugar cookies. Seriously. We made pi and i and e and integral signs and radical signs and division signs and numbers and geometric shapes... We went all out, and it was awesome. I'm pretty proud of my nerdiness. :)

And...now, here are some pictures. These all came off my phone, so the quality is a little off, but they're still fun!

This is one of Melissa, my spectacular roommate. :) We have great times together.
This one is just for you, Owen! There is now an awesome picture of you on my blog! And, hey, you even took it yourself when we went for a ride in LaRhonda (my Honda).

Here's the Sacred Grove! This picture was the background on my phone for quite awhile. And it probably will be again soon. :)

Salt Lake Temple! Where mommy and daddy got married! Yay!

This is Elizabeth and Rinaldo in the library. We won Rinaldo at a dance on campus, then went to pick up Mike from work in the library - we had to sweet talk our way through security in order to get Rinaldo safely to the circulation desk... [And good thing we had Rinaldo to distract the security guards so they didn't see the gelatto that we snuck in for Mikey-poo].

Lastly, here's a picture of me at last year's Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. Interesting tradition. I thought it was fun, but way too crowded.

01 April 2009

Happy April!

It's finally April! I love this month!! I graduate this month, and it's my birthday this month, and it all starts off with April Fool's Day [which can be one of the FUNNEST holidays!].

One of my students walked into class this morning and exclaimed, "Oh, I hate this class!" He then got a huge grin on his face and looked at me and said, "April fools!" Haha. He's quite the character. That pretty much made my day. :)

As for what else is new and exciting in my life... I have only 9.5 class days left of school. Yikes! I'm excited to be done, and I'm surprised by how fast this semester has gone. I'll miss my students when it's all over, though. Student teaching has been a phenomenal experience! [PS- I'm writing this during 5th period, when my cooperating teacher has a different class in the computer lab. So I'm just chilling in the classroom getting some grading and some planning done...In the past 10 minutes, two of my students have come into the room to say "Hi Miss Steele!!" It's great!]

Yesterday was my roommate Becky's birthday! We had a fun celebration last night with cake and ice cream. All the sugar must have gotten to us, because we were laughing like crazy all night! It was lots of fun, but ended up being bad for my goal to get [close to] 8 hours of sleep every night this week. I was doing so well, too, until last night! Sunday and Monday night I was in bed with the lights out by 9:30. Last night, however, we were up laughing and giggling [and singing and dancing and joking and jumping and playing...] until well after 11:30. Oops. :)

Tonight I am going to campus to see Arthur Benjamin, also known as the "Mathemagician." Apparently, he does crazy calculations really super fast in his head. I watched a part of a video on YouTube, and it's awesome! It should be really interesting and fun - I'm excited.

General Conference is this weekend. Wizzer nabbed some tickets for the Sunday morning session, so we'll be going up for that. I LOVE actually being in the Conference center for Conference - this is going to ROCK!

Weeeeeeell, I'd better go finish making the key for the Geometry test. Hope all y'all are having a great April Fool's Day! [And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Kate!! :)]

Oh, and PS, the Hershey's company and I are currently fighting because they made the poor decision to use the best color wrapper [pink] for their worst chocolate bar [Krackel] in their little Spring chocolate assortments. Boo!