24 February 2011


Awwww, ain't it sweet? I love looking at this picture of my parents. They look so happy and vibrant, plus their clothes are pretty rad. Heh heh heh. :) I'm so grateful for these two wonderful people in my life. I'm grateful for their love and support, and their commitment to each other and to our family.

My dad has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders. He's supported me in my education, and always pushed me to do my best. He taught me the value of hard, honest work. He is one of the greatest examples of a true giver - he loves to give of his time and talents, and loves to give gifts. He has also taught me how to have a good time and to have a sense of humor. There is never a dull moment when he's around, and he loves to keep things lively and entertaining. Thank you, Dad, for your support, your example, and your love. I love you!

My mom is my hero. I don't know if I can ever thank her enough for her example of living a full life devoted to family, friends, and the Gospel. She has always shown her deep love for me through her selfless service. She seems to always be working on about a million things, and never runs out of energy or enthusiasm for the work she is involved in. She has taught me how to truly love and how to have a good attitude despite life's craziness. Most importantly, she has taught me Gospel principles both by word and by example. Thank you, Mom, for your sweetness, your trust, and your love. I love you!

And, who can forget all my wonderful siblings who are here on earth because of my parents? Mathieu is a wonderful example of respect and responsibility. I have always admired his courage to stand up for what is right and to lead by example. Erin, Ella, and Delainey are lucky girls, and they, too, mean so much to me. I have always seen Zachary as my protector - he's got an innate courage and loyalty that cannot be removed. He has always been someone I can turn to when I need help, support, or comfort. I miss having his family here with me, but I know they are just a phone call or video chat away (Love you, Sarah, Logan, and Kaylee!). Elizabeth is a wonderful example to me of a gorgeous, talented, creative, strong woman. I admire (and am envious of) her beauty, and I cherish her friendship. Jonathan has been an example to me of a hard worker who, like my dad, knows how to have a lot of fun. He can inject humor into any situation, and I love his enjoyment of life. I also love his example of dedication to the Gospel as he is currently serving a mission. Rosemary is a joy to be around, and I love that she can laugh at my awesome jokes and retort with even awesomer ones. She is grounded in what she knows to be true, and she is genuine in her sweetness to those around her. Remington is an example to me of humility and wit. He has a strong testimony that shows through his quiet example. He also has a sharp sense of humor that can leave me with my sides splitting. Hunter has a strong personality and he uses it to love those around him. He is an example to me of how to show conviction to what he believes. I also love his willingness to wrap his arms around me and give me a big hug just because he feels like it. Madison is a shining example of sweetness and sensitivity. She wants to do good and to be good, and she loves to express her love for others. She has the biggest heart, and forgives without a second thought.

I love my family. I love each of my siblings with their individual personalities and quirks. I love the memories we've created together, and the prospect of creating more wonderful memories. I love knowing that families can be together forever, that these relationships and friendships I have can be perpetuated beyond the grave. And I love my parents for making it all possible. :) Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Y'all are the bomb!

18 February 2011

Near To You

I love Thursdays. Or, rather, I love Thursday evenings. I can let myself take a break and breathe and realize I've [almost] made it through another week. It's a good feeling. :) That, and it means Friday is coming, and I just LOVE Fridays.

I've been busy lately with grading and working on my thesis and pretending like I know how to navigate my way through grad school. And spending late hours with good friends and cute boys. I really am so blessed, and I have a tendency to get so bogged down and forget about that...

But not lately. See, I write in my journal faithfully every night. I typically try to write things that are true to how I see them, but I tend to stay as positive as possible in light of the fact that sometimes I go back and read them (and who knows who'll read these things in the future...) and I really hate reading my negative thoughts. In an effort to be more positive and to recognize my blessings, I began writing down "My 3 Happies" for each day at the end of each journal entry. That is, I pick my three favorite things from that day and record them for posterity. It's helped me to focus on the great things in my life. It's interesting, especially, to think back on those few really bad days I've had and to remember the flood of blessings I was able to recall on those nights. It certainly has been a humbling experience. :) Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite Happies from this year so far. They've certainly blessed my life! And remembering them is helping to keep me sane. :)

Saturday, 1 January
Singing in the car with my family on the way to dinner (At the top of our lungs) (Even if it was to Ke$ha).

Monday, 3 January
E saying "I love you, Sanannah!"

Wednesday, 5 January
Going to the Temple! And cute old Temple workers. The little old man who confirmed me said this as I sat down: "Sister S? And she has gorgeous hair!" It made me happy.

Wednesday, 5 January
I taught a 300-level college class and didn't die!

Friday, 7 January
Dancing with K in her car with the music turned way up, just for fun. It was awesome! :D

Tuesday, 11 January
J posted a link to Elder Holland's talk, "Good Things to Come," on my FB wall. Such true words...

Friday, 14 January
Dressing up ridiculous and rocking out hardcore!

Friday, 14 January
Flirting with other boys, and not feeling too guilty about it...

Monday, 17 January
Accidentally making J's power go out... (In her ENTIRE house). It was SO funny! And we didn't know what to do, so we went to Macey's for ice cream, and danced to the Valentine's cards with music in the greeting card aisle.

Friday, 21 January
Making new friends and having an instant connection to them through service.

Monday, 24 January
Calling home and talking with E and M and S and L... I just love my family!

Tuesday, 25 January
I almost passed out, but I was helped by awesome, caring guys who didn't even know me! And I lived to tell the tale!

Monday, 31 January
I ate cookies for breakfast. Happy Monday morning to me!

Sunday, 6 February
Girl time this evening was awesome - I love being completely ridiculous and slightly irrational.

Thursday, 10 February
Valentine's conversation hearts. Because they're just so funny and tender sometimes.

Saturday, 12 February
I drove a snowmobile! And I didn't die! I was able to overcome my fear, have tons of fun, and realize how grateful I am to R for encouraging me and for being someone I can trust.

Sunday, 13 February
Home teachers who truly care - who love me as a person and as a friend, not just because they are assigned to love me.

Sunday, 13 February
Dancing and singing and rocking out with K and J in the back of L's car on the way back from Payson. I love those girls and their sweetness and craziness!

So....yeah. I've realized recently just how much I depend on and love other people. I think I'm an extremely social person, and I'm so grateful for the relationships I've been able to build and the experiences I've had. :) And also, I apparently have a propensity to dance and sing in cars (with or without other people...). Trust me - I do it every stinkin' morning on the way to campus. And I LOVE it! Keeps life fun. :)

08 February 2011

An Ode to Grading

I have a ton of grading to get done. Stink. But as I was sitting down and getting ready to start, I made up this song. And now it won't stop going through my head! It's to the tune of the swimming pool song. I thought I'd share it with the world... Classy, no? Here goes:

Grading, grading, all through the day and night.
I grade with heart, I grade with soul, I grade with all my might.
Oh, dear students, why can't you get this right?
I look ahead to my future,
but there's no end in sight, to... (Continue from beginning)

I think I'm certifiably crazy.

07 February 2011

3 AM Thoughts

I sometimes despise grading. I know it's important for me to assess how my students are understanding the material, but sometimes it just drains me of my will to live energy.

Also, I'm just not as young as I used to be. Weird how time'll do that to you, huh? Every time. :) But, seriously, I think I hit a brick wall at 10:30 a lot more often than I used to. I push through it, but it's become a LOT harder. I hope the things I'm spending my time on are worth the sacrifice of sleep...

And... How do you balance your life when everything seems so important? I know, I know... Sunday school answers. Pray. Read my scriptures. Put the Lord first and everything will fall into place. Have an eternal perspective... I'm trying. I suppose Satan has me pegged, working incessantly on my every doubt and insecurity. That little bugger.

I'm exhausted. I need sleep...

06 February 2011

I'm as corny as Kansas in August...

We had the adult session of Stake Conference tonight. Afterward, Kimberly and I swung by Macey's to pick up some stuff. I hate Macey's on Saturday nights - it's too busy for my liking. All through the store Kimberly was singing the song from South Pacific that inspired the title of this blog. It's been stuck in my head ever since...

Anyway, life's been pretty grand lately. Busy, for sure. But wonderful. I love the class that I'm teaching [even if I do feel completely lost most of the time]. It's a lot different than teaching calculus, but it's been a great experience and some of my students are really awesome. It's rewarding to see them persist in doing something they don't love and finally make sense of some really neat mathematics.

I'm also taking a calculus teaching class. It's proven to be a lot of fun, though I wish I'd had the opportunity to take it before TAing several semesters of calculus. I find it amazing how much I'm still learning (calculus content-wise). I love it!

I go home in less than a month for Elizabeth's wedding! My dress came yesterday, and I love it! I'm super excited to take a weekend off, get out of Provo, and see my family! And celebrate with my beautiful sister! :) Haha, can you tell I'm super excited? I can't lay off the exclamation points...

Christmas break was also a wonderful time with family. I absolutely loved being home. It was sad to come back to Provo... Don't get me wrong - I have so many amazing friends here, and I was aching to be back with them by the end of my 3-week excursion, but it was hard to leave my family. It's always hard to leave my family. Sometimes it really bites being the only one here in little ol' Provo... But I've been trying to be better lately about calling and texting and Skype-ing my family. I just love them.

And...to sate your need to see pictures, here are a few. Random, just like this [and every other] post. Get used to it - it's my life.

M and I at home over Christmas break:

Kelly and I before we headed to the Grad Student 80s dance. What a fun night!
Kimberly and I drove up to Logan last Saturday. We met up with my friend Chris, and also with an old family friend, Jared, and his brother, Ryan. It was tons of fun! We went out to lunch, and ice skating, and to the Temple grounds, and out to dinner, and to a hockey game... This is me with Kimberly and Chris at the Logan Temple:
And here is me with Kimberly, also at the Logan Temple:
Chris, me, and Kimberly before the hockey game started. It was BYU v. USU. I requested that we sit in the BYU fans section. Heh heh heh. I don't know if anyone was ready for my exuberant Cougar cheering, but I sure loved it!
And, lastly, here is a fun shot of Chris, me, Jared, and Kimberly at the hockey game. We had a TON of fun. I don't think I ever realized hockey was so fun to watch. Jared did a good job of keeping me informed about what the heck was going on, and Kimberly developed a new-found love of the sport.